ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops 2018 in Nicosia

European Consortium for Political Research
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Call for Papers for the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops 2018 in Nicosia

Beyond Descriptions and Good Practices. Empirical Effects of Active Learning Environments on Political Science Students’ Learning Outcomes

Workshop Directors:

Simon Usherwood (University of Surrey) and Peter Bursens (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Academic teaching in political science has evolved from teacher-centered towards student- centered teaching. This trend is accompanied by the creation of student-activating learning environments by means of - inter alia - debates, roll plays, simulations, (community) service learning, technology based learning such as online forums, social media, wikis and audience response systems, media-based learning using novels, films, music and podcasts, and problem based learning.

However, in contrast with the rhetoric and the many claims in the current literature, substantial empirical evidence on the effects of active learning environments on student learning outcomes is still limited. It is the aim of this workshop to build bridges and combine the expertise of political science and educational sciences in order to test the effects of active learning in political science curricula.

Do these active learning environments enhance political science students’ learning outcomes? Does the introduction of active learning in political science curricula make a difference for cognitive, affective and/or regulative learning outcomes? Which conditions make active learning tools more or less effective? What are the inhibiting and stimulating factors? Are there differential effects according to specific student attributes such as gender, prior knowledge, prior education or prior results?

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