22nd Transatlantic Policy Symposium

Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, BMW Center for German and European Studies
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22nd Transatlantic Policy Symposium

Friday, February 9, 2018

Washington, DC


Twilight of the West: Does the Waning of

America’s Global Leadership Spell the Weakening

Of the Transatlantic Partnership?

Internal and external forces in Europe and the United States are reshaping the transatlantic relationship, which presents a variety of challenges and opportunities. Analyzing these trends is crucial to understanding and shaping the transatlantic relationship moving forward. The 2018 Transatlantic Policy Symposium (TAPS) at Georgetown University will bring together established experts with the next generation of transatlantic leaders to discuss related topics. We are seeking papers that address the forces affecting the future of the transatlantic relationship.

Potential topics may include:

● Does the disengagement of the United States combined with the rise of new powers and the

resurgence of old ones represent a risk for the transatlantic relationship and the global liberal

world order?

● How do the financial crisis, trade issues, and the institutional challenges of Brexit threaten

economic cooperation between the United States and the European Union?

● How can the United States and Europe work together to tackle global threats such as climate

change, terrorism or cyber risk?

● How can the private sector and civilians renew transatlantic unity?

● How can the transatlantic security cooperation be utilized to respond to the need for stability

in the middle east and in northern Africa?

● Does the historical evolution of the transatlantic relationship explain the weakening of its


● Can the power of culture represent a significant tool for transatlantic relations? Could it

help resolve friction between Europe and the United States?

Deadline for submission:

December 1, at 5:00 PM EST.

Travel Grants Available

Submit materials to:


Submission Requirements:

●Submissions should be approximately 2,500 words and relate to the fields of

politics, economics, history, and/or culture.

●Papers must include policy recommendations for the US, EU, orboth

●Papers must be in English.

●References should be made in the Chicago/Turabian style.

●Please include a resume in English.

●Participation is limited to currently enrolled Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students.

The BMW Center for German and European Studies will contribute to

travel expenses for select panelists.

Questions? Consult our website and attached pdf for further details: