EUSA Book Series: A New Security Order: The United States and the European Community in the 1990s

Catherine McArdle Kelleher
The 1993 US-EU Relations Project

Dr. Catherine Kelleher of the Brookings Institution authored the first US-EC Relations Project monograph, "A New Security Order: The United States and the European Community in the 1990s." Kelleher argues for a fundamental redefinition of aims and the modalities of the Atlantic-European security relationship. There must be a new mutual agreement on its limits, utility, and capacity for critical adaptation and flexibility. Most importantly, how will both Europe and the United States now secure popular support for security commitments beyond national territory when it is easier to leave the challenges to someone else? These are tasks that will surely stretch beyond the first Clinton Administration, and may well create a yearning, however mistaken, for the simpler Atlantic-European understandings of the Cold War era.

The monograph focuses on the basic assumptions of the European-American security system in the past, as well as in the present. It examines the critical debates and challenges that have emerged since 1989 in three policy areas within the broadened definition of transatlantic security. Finally, it assesses options of further change and evolution over the coming decade for both Europe and the United States.

1993, paper, 64 pp, published by the European Community Studies Association.

"A New Security Order" is available from the ECSA Administrative Office for $7.00, mailing costs included. Checks must be in US dollars, drawn on a bank with representation in the United States.