EUSA Support for Academic Workshops!

EUSA Funding for Academic Workshops

In order to promote US-based research on the European Union, the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) will fund an academic workshop in 2018. This workshop should both support the next generation of research on Europe in the United States as well as link together existing research efforts across universities. The goal of the workshop is to support the membership and generate high-quality, policy-relevant research.

Call for Proposals

The European Union Studies Association is calling for proposals to support an academic workshop during the spring or summer of 2018. Successful proposals will outline the connection of the workshop to central themes in European integration and/or the transatlantic relationship. Proposals should be as clear as possible as to the intended output of the workshop and possible outreach opportunities. Proposals should include a list of potential participants, the academic CVs of the organizers, and a tentative budget. The workshop must take place in the U.S. Proposals should be submitted electronically to by November 30th, 2017, with “2018 EUSA Workshop proposal” in the subject line. EUSA will provide $10,000 in support for the workshop.