Teaching the EU Interest Section

Recommended Textbooks

The following are EU related textbooks (in alpha order by author's last name) recommended by members of EUSA's Teaching the EU Interest Section. This listing does not imply EUSA endorsement. The Teaching the EU Interest Section encourages faculty to review books for their own individual and course usage.

  • Dinan, Desmond (1999) Ever Closer Union: An Introduction to European Integration (2nd. Ed.). Lynne Rienner Publishers.
    Comments from section members: "Historical treatment and comprehensive." "Highly recommend this one and rank it as #1. It has the best coverage of historical steps and is very good on policy issues ... overall the best and most readable book."
  • McCormick, John (2002) Understanding the European Union (2nd Ed.) Palgrave.
    Comments from section members: "Excellent on institutions and policy issues ... too short on the history ... excellent to help prepare lectures."
  • Nelsen, Brent F. and Alexander C.G. Stubb, (eds.) (1998) The European Union: Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration. Lynne Rienner Publishers.
    Comments from section members: "The best collection of key documents, speeches and path-breaking theoretical articles on the EU."
  • Nugent, Neill (2002) The Government and Politics of the European Union (5th Ed.) Duke University Press.
    Comments from section members: " ... the benchmark against which all other EU texts are measured ... Nugent's is the workhorse text students carry in their knapsacks." Read the full text of this review by EUSA member Laurie Buonnano Lanze -- along with reviews of other recommended textbooks -- by going to Eurosim's EU textbook information page.
  • Peterson, John and Elizabeth Bomberg (1999) Decision Making in the European Union Palgrave (Macmillan and St. Martin's).
    Comments from section members: "One of my own favorites for seminars."
  • Wallace, Helen and William Wallace (eds.) (2000) Policy-Making in the European Union (4th Ed.) Oxford University Press.
    Comments from section members: "Still by far the best policy-oriented study." "Excellent and thorough ... students in an introductory course seem to have a hard time going through the chapters ... best for upper undergrads. or more advanced courses."
  • Wood, David M. and Birol Yesilada (2002) The Emerging European Union (2nd. Ed.) Longman.
    Comments from section members: "Up-to-date undergraduate textbook ... nicely written with a view toward U.S. students. Would make a nice supplement to a governments of Europe course or as a core textbook for a more EU focused course."