Teaching the EU Interest Section

Established in August 2001 by action of the EUSA Executive Committee

Section Chair

Heidi Maurer

Section's next meeting:

The next Interest Section meeting will be at EUSA's 15th Biennial International Conference in 2017 in Miami.

Working mission statement:

At an exploratory meeting at the ECSA Conference in Madison, Wisconsin on June 2, 2001, some twenty EUSA members indicated that they felt passionately about the need to develop a centralized forum through EUSA that would facilitate the teaching of the European Union. The group agreed that it was important to create a strong focus on the value of teaching the EU and connecting the various levels of EU teaching (high school, undergraduate, and graduate). Participants emphasized the value of linking courses and classes across the country, across the Atlantic, and even across the Pacific to Asia and Australia. After the Madison conference, a formal proposal was submitted to the EUSA Executive Committee, who approved the launching of the Teaching the EU Interest Section on August 13, 2001.

The group meeting at Madison identified a number of specific possible projects for the Teaching the EU Interest Section, including an electronic list serve, a set of Web pages on the EUSA Web site, coordinating and proposal panel(s) for EUSA conferences, developing a monograph associated with papers delivered at EUSA conferences, sharing syllabi, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents for classroom use or presentation to other audiences such as Rotary groups, gathering and disseminating information on how to develop EU courses and programs and recruit students into them, developing links to EU Centers and Title VI Centers in the U.S., highlighting funding opportunities related to teaching the EU, developing a textbook survey and a set of recommended reading/materials for teaching the EU, and developing materials for high school teaching and other outreach programs.