EU Latin America Caribbean Interest Section

Established in October 2001 by action of the EUSA Executive Committee

Section Chair

Roberto Dominguez (Suffolk University) -

Section's next formal meeting

The next Interest Section meeting will be at EUSA's 16th Biennial International Conference in 2019 in Denver.

Section Newsletter

August 2017

Working mission statement:

Latin America and the Caribbean regions are very close to Europe in terms of cultural and historical links. More inter-American integration has been prompted by the development of the EU after the Single European Act. NAFTA, MERCOSUR and now the FTTA are in essence a response to the perceived success of the European Union, which has become a point of reference, if not a model, for the Americas. The EU is the major development donor in this region of the world. In addition, European investment is ahead of the United States' in most of the countries of this region, with Spain capturing first place. The EU and Mexico have signed the most ambitious agreement between the regions and the Second European-Latin American summit is scheduled to take place in Madrid in 2002 during the Spanish EU Presidency. Members of EUSA's EU-Latin America-Caribbean Interest Section will follow these and other developments regarding the general mutual linkages of the European Union and the region.

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