EU as Global Actor Interest Section

Established in October 2002 by action of the EUSA Executive Committee

Section Co-Chairs

  • Mai'a Davis Cross
  • Ben Tonra

Section's next formal meeting

The next Interest Section meeting will be at EUSA's 15th Biennial International Conference in 2017 in Miami.

Working mission statement:

Over the past several decades, the EU has developed into a highly active, though unorthodox, global actor with a multi-faceted set of foreign policies. These policies are far more ambitious than those of any other regional economic organization, and have stimulated a growing body of research. Accordingly, this EUSA interest section will focus on various facets of the EU's global role, which include (but are not limited to): theoretical aspects of European foreign policy, foreign economic policy, diplomatic relations, development/foreign aid policy, international environmental policy, policies toward international regimes/organizations/conferences, the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the European Security and Defense Policy, foreign policy aspects of Justice and Home Affairs, foreign policy aspects of political integration and enlargement, legal/institutional issues, and other research topics raised by the section's members. In addition, we hope to encourage research into related areas, such as the impact of EU foreign policies on EU member states and the outside world, on European socio-economic integration, and on national and European values, interests, and identities.

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